Working groups

Institut für Informatik  
Algorithms and Complexity
Prof. Dr. Klaus Jansen
Multimedia Information Processing
Prof. Dr. Ing. Reinhard Koch
Algorithmic Optimal Control - CO2 Uptake of the Ocean
Prof. Dr. Thomas Slawig
Process Analytics
Prof. Dr. Agnes Koschmider
Archaeoinformatics - Data Science
Prof. Dr. Matthias Renz
Programming Languages and Compiler Construction
Prof. Dr. Michael Hanus
Business Information Technology
Prof. Dr. Andreas Speck
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Prof. Dr. Reinhard von Hanxleden
Computer Science Education(German only)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Mühling
Software Engineering
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hasselbring
Dependable Systems
Prof. Dr. Dirk Nowotka
Information System Engineering
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Thalheim
Digital Information Infrastructures
Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann
Theoretical Computer Science(German only)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilke
Distributed Systems
Prof. Dr. Olaf Landsiedel
Web Science
Prof. Dr. Isabella Peters

Intelligent Systems
Prof. Dr. Sven Tomforde

External lectures  

Prof. Dr. Carsten Meyer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hauke Schramm

Emeriti and retired professors  
Cognitve Systems
Prof. Dr. Gerald Sommer (e-Mail)
Computer Organization and Architecture
Prof. Dr. Werner Kluge (e-Mail)
Communication Systems
Prof. Dr. Ing. Nobert Luttenberger (e-Mail)
Technische Informatik (German only)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Schimmler (e-Mail)
Practical Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Wolfgang Hackbusch (e-Mail)
Software Technology
Prof. Dr. Willem-Paul de Roever (e-Mail)
Programming Languages and Compiler Construction
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Langmaack (e-Mail)
Systems for Informationmanagement
Prof. Dr. Peter Kandzia
Computer-Aided Program Development
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berghammer (e-Mail)