movingart - pictures learn to move

is a project, which wants to encourage the usage of the software  Scratch in art lessons to create computer animations, interactive stories or simple computer games.

When using Scratch, the normally unordered process of expressing your creativity is naturally streamlined into a structured progress description. Scratch also helps you ordering your creativity when working with a team. Being creative thus has the side effect to teach you an ability that you normally would only learn in technical surroundings (like Computer Science lessons).

A computer animation competition for pupils of lower secondary schools is an integral art of movingart. Classes, courses or workgroups who participate will receive active assistance from the project team.

Whether pupils retain an improved structuring ability by using Scratch is to be ascertained by an accompanying study.

movingart - pictures learn to move  is mainly supported by the  Innovationsstiftung Schleswig-Holstein  and realized by a team of the Department of Computer Science at Kiel University. Further supporters are ESN Energiesysteme Nord GmbH, DiWiSH – Clustermanagement Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein and bdrops GmbH.

Find further information on the pages of  movingart – pictures learn to move.