Software Challenge



The software challenge is a project at schools which is financed by the Department of Computer Science of Kiel University, numerous industrial enterprises and by the Ministery for Education and Science of the state Schleswig-Holstein.

In cooperation with secondary schools from allover Germany and the Department of Computer Science as well as the companies this project seeks to improve the lessons, courses and workgroups of Computer Science at school by making them more practically oriented.

The software challenge is a programming competition with a duration of one school year. Under competent supervision the pupils get a first look at the world of Computer Science full of fun and excitement.

At the end of the school year each group of pupils sends a computer player programmed by them to compete in a board game (2007 „Packeis am Pol“, 2008 "Einfach Genial", 2009 "High Voltage", 2010 "Hase und Igel", 2011 "Schäfchen im Trockenen“, 2012 "Manhatten" und 2013 "Cartagena" ). The competition consists of a championship (all-for-all matches), culminating in a finale of the most qualified programs.

Besides numerous prizes the best pupils can also win scholarships donated by the companies. The local media and radio stations will report on the each phase of the project.

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