Taster courses


Do you want to get a first feel for university life? The taster courses offer you several days of life as a Computer Science student.
This will be a hands-on experience - you will code! Bot no fears, we do not expect you to know everything already, but will show you step by step, how it is done. You first will attend a mini lecture to get familiar with the topic of the day. You then will immediately get to use the theoretical knowledge in solving programming tasks.
Finding the solutions is never a solitary task. Bring a friend to form a team of two to better solve the questions. In the end, you even will get to work in a somewhat bigger team. You will get help at all time from members of our department and from Computer Science students.
Furthermore, professors and staff of the department will introduce you to different work and research areas of Computer Science. Their presentations and demonstrations will be on topics like the internet and cryptography and you will have ample time to ask questions.
Ask the professors anything on their research area and they will be happy to elucidate. Chat to the students to get to know their opinions and experiences of studying. By working in teams you will meet other computer science enthusiasts and discover that teamwork is essential when solving complex tasks.
During the taster courses, we want to introduce you to Computer Science as an independent subject as well as a cross-sectional science. In the course of the week some of you may realize, that Computer Science is different from what you thought it was and that it is not always related to computers. We hope the taster courses will help you with choosing a subject to study.
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