SE 2014: Software Engineering 2014 Kiel: Transfer between Science and Economy

SE 2014 - 25.—28. Februar 2014

Software Engineering is a practically oriented scientific discipline. The results of Software Engineering research should be incorporated in practical sofware development, while the relevant questions of practical experience can be the start of innovative research projects as well. Knowledge and technology transfer is a bidirectional process. To stimulate this transfer, the Software Engineering 2014 offers a forum to the German-speaking Software Engineering community. In parallel presentation sessions highlights from science, the practised technology transfer and industrial practice are given. These presentations will be framed by top-class keynote presentations.

The conference series SE is a German speaking conference centred on the topic software engineering of the department software engineering by the Society for Computer Science e.V.(GI). The workgroup Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Engineering, Kiel University, the society Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH e.V.), the Society for Computer Science e.V.(GI) and the competence network Software Systems Engineering (KoSSE) cordially invite you to the SE 2014 at the Kiel Fjord. 

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