Foto: Jürgen Haacks, Pressestelle CAU

How can the future be simulated, and how will the climate change?

What must a programming language for a reliable system look like?

What must a safe flight control system look like?

How can computer systems be made safe in general?

These, together with many other questions, are tackled by the researchers in our department on a daily basis. Designing efficient algorithmic solutions for a multitude of problems is just as much in focus as quality assurance for linked systems in electronic commerce, or developing complex software systems for distributed hardware. Secure electronic transactions, processing large volumes of data, and designing special computers are researched at the Department of Computer Science. In addition, the web and social media as interfaces between society and technology, and learning and teaching Computer Science as a subject are aspects of research in Kiel.

The education provided reflects this exciting and diverse research through a broad range of topics, opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge, and optional events during the degree programme. Students are welcome to include and implement their own ideas. This is how the “Lighthouse” project came about, for example, which turns our university tower building into Kiel’s largest display screen.

The interdisciplinary resarch at the department is reflected by the 

Insights offer talks by guest of our department in the context of the faculty colloquium.