Information for employees

Safety instructions, information on work procedures and responsibilities as well as the public parts of the minutes of board meetings can be found in the OLAT-course ifi-intern (Sorry, only in German). This course is visible and accessible for the department's employees. If you are staff member of the department and can't see this course please contact the department's administration office providing your OLAT user name.

Information for (new) doctoral students

There are three places where doctoral students should register at the CAU:

  1. Application for acceptance at the dean's office
    This registration at the beginning of the doctoral period is in accordance with the faculty of engineering's doctoral regulations
    The main point is to check at an early stage whether the formal requirements for the doctorate have been fulfilled. - The Dean's Office does not have access to the documents that must be submitted, for example, when enrolling as a doctoral student, so that some documents must be submitted again. Upon completion of the examination by the Dean's Office, a certificate will be issued which is required, for example, for registration at the Graduate Center.

  2. Registration at the Graduate Center
    The center has above all network character and here there are consulting as well as further training offers. Registered doctoral students are informed about these offers and obviously allowed to take part.

  3. Enrollment as doctoral student (information in German)
    This is a "normal" enrolment,  which requires the payment of the semester fee as well.