Compilation of the timetable/weekly schedule

There are a few things to consider before compiling the timetable from the course announcements in the course directory UnivIS. - For several reasons it may be tempting to squeeze all events in two or three full 10-hour days. Experience and recommondations on time and project management advice otherwise.

Plan the timetable

We recomment to take the follwing things into account during planning:

  • Balance. More days with less full are better than less days with a full schedule. Every day a few events leave enough space to do other things, be it study-related things, hobbies or a part-time job.
  • Schedule breaks. Hardly anyone can sit in events for hours and stay attentive all the time. Instead, it is advisable to leave a free hour in between. This creates space for meals, homework or conversations with fellow students.
  • Schedule homework times. It helps to block concrete times in order to work on homework together or alone. Structured daily routines prevent you from having to work all-night through.
  • Plan your free time. Time-outs create distance and give new impetus. Studying computer science is a full-time job (or more), but that doesn't mean that no day or a few evenings can be kept free for hobbies and friends during the week.

Compilation of Univis-timetable

Lets assume you want to compile a timetable for the first semester of a Master's program in Computer Science. At first go to and select the right semester in the upper right corner, e.g. WS 2019/20 and change the language. 

Then select "lecture directory", "Faculty of Engineering", "Department of Computer Science", "Master's degree program in computer science".

You will now see the headlines of the different sections the Master's degree program. By clicking on "Extras", "all lectures below this classification" in the menu on the hand side, the separate courses are being shown. Mark the courses, which you want to attend.

After having marked all courses of interest, click on "Auswahl zur Sammlung hinzufügen" at the bottom of the page. This will save the courses you just chose. 

Attention! Avoid using the back-button to navigate, because then marked courses are not saved. 

Afterwards, you can add the courses for the open elective section, e.g. via  "lecture directory", "Sprachkurse Deutsch als Fremdsprache".

Once you have selected all required courses, click on "Collection/class schedule" at the top of the page. You will now see an overview of all chosen courses. By left-clicking on "class schedule" your finished timetable will be displayed. You will be attended about possible overlap of some of your courses. On the left you can select to print your timetable as "PDF landscape".