IT-Systems for students

There are different IT-systems provided by Kiel University and the department of Computer Science to give information and to organise lectures, exercises as well as examinations. For the access either the stu-accounts assigned with the enrolment or separate accounts are necessary.

Information systems for which no account is required:

  • course catalogue with the dates of the courses per semester Univis
  • descriptions of the modules and offer plannning for the coming semesters in the  Module database

Examination Organisation Online

  • For the computer science and business information technology modules offered by the lecturers of the department of Computer Science via the StudiDB. Students of the first semester who register for a course of the first semester when registering for the StudiDB will also receive an account at the departement of Computer Science. This account enables the use of the services and workstations supported by the technical service of the department.
  • For modules/lectures offered by the other two institutes (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Material Science) of the Faculty of Engineering as well as the other faculties of Kiel University, the examinations are organised via the CAU-Portal. To use the CAU-Portal the  stu-identification of the Computing Centre is required.
  • In the case of modules of the department of Computer Science, which are mainly offered for export in other courses of study, such as Computer Science I (2F/NF), the examination organisation is also carried out via the CAU-Portal. To use the CAU-Portal the  stu-identification of the Computing Centre is required.

Organisation of exercises

Two different systems are used for the registration for exercise groups, detailed informationen on the contents of the courses, the distribution of the exercise sheets and sometimes even the correction. Whether a system is used at all, and if so, which one it is, will be announced when the course is announces at Univis and will also be announced during the first lectures/exercise hours.

In general registration for an exercise group is required for the compulsory courses of the Bachelor's degree programs, where several exercises are offered for one lecture. In individual cases already before the first appointment. At many courses, information about the dates is given in the first lecture or exercise lesson, so that registration is only possible or necessary after the lecture or exercise lesson. In the case of elective modules in higher semesters of the Bachelor's degree program as well as in the Master's degree program, registration for exercises is either not required or only after the first lecture dates.

  • OLAT is Kiel University's e-learning platform. Students have access with their stu-identification of the Computing Centre.
  • ilearn is operated by the Programming Languages and Compiler Construction group of the department of Computer Science. Registration is required for access.