Four different sorts of accounts exist: 

Computer accounts for students of Computer Science degree programs

These students generally receive personal computer accounts at the start of their studies. Requirements are a StudiDB account and at least one registration for an exercise via the StudiDB. Technical Service uses the information in the StudiDB to create computer accounts. The teaching assistants hand out the account information at the start of the winter semester. Furthermore, information on personal computer accounts can be attained at Technical Service (CAP4, 12th floor), showing a valid student's card and ID.

Other personal computer accounts (employees, guests, master students, minor study, change of subject, students without account)

Personal computer accounts for user groups like advanced students without a computer account, who already have a StudiDB account and are registered for at least one current exercise via the StudiDB, new staff members and guests of workgroups who stay for a longer time, the creation of a computer account requires the following steps:

First, the applicant has to fill in a web form. The web form is accessible from each computer with campus network access (e.g. EDUROAM Wifi, VPN). To ensure the privacy of the data, they are transferred via an encrypted http-connection.

Second, the students need to show a valid student's card and ID to Technical Service.

Staff members' authentication is checked with the dean's office.

Guest's authentication is checked with the person responsible of the inviting workgroup.

Only then the computer account is being created by Technical Service.

Exercise accounts

For special courses, like preparatory courses or advanced education for teachers, creating personal computer accounts is too time-consuming; for exams personal computer accounts are not desirable. Staff members in such cases can apply for anonymous exercise accounts via email to account.  

Software and project accounts

You can apply for software or project accounts via email to account. We ask you to provide the following information: 

  • desired login name of the sofware or project account
  • detailed name (gcos) of the software or project account
  • initial quota of the software or project account
  • name and workgroup of the person responsible for this software or project account
  • login name and comuter for the first entry into the .rhosts-fie of the software or project account

​Only staff members of the Department of Computer Science who have a valid personal computer account on one of the computer administered by Technical Service may be responsible for software or project accounts.