All computer accounts are valid for a maximum of one year to simplify the deletion of unnecessary computer accounts. Computer account can be renewed for an additional year at the start of each winter semester. Before the date of re-registration, students and responsible Persons for guests will receive a mail, detailing the renewal process and which deadlines have to be met. Personal computer accounts of students in Bachelor's, Master's and Diploma degree programs of the Department of Computer Science are renewed automatically, if the students have reregistered within the deadlines. All other students personally need to visit Technical Service and present a valid student's card and ID card. Personal computer accounts of staff members are generally prolonged automatically as long as their contracts exists. This does not extend to the guest, software or project accounts. To renew these accounts, please answer the received email. 

Former students and staff members, who want to keep their account after the reregistration date, need to find a Computer Science staff member who will take responsibility for the personal computer account in the future.