E-Mail addresses

The centrally issued, fully qualified, departmental e-mail addresses have the following form: 


They consist of the centrally issued username of your computer account and the e-mail domainname of the department. The centrally maintained computers also accept the partially qualified short form of the e-mail address, i.e. <accountname>.

E-Mail aliases for staff members 

Every staff member owning a central computer account and an e-mail address of the above format additionally receives an e-mail alias "first name.surname". Should the staff member have specified middle names and a surname consisting of several parts all parts of the name will be separated by dots. The easiest example of the new fully qualified e-mail alias is

<first name>.>surname>@informatik.uni-kiel.de

 All staff members owning a central computer account known to the Technical have received respective e-mail aliases (status as of August 2012). The Technical Services strives to set up e-mail aliases for new staff members independently. At the moment, the Technical Service is not automatically notified of new staff members. New staff members of the department should therefore contact the  postmaster by e-mail to ensure a timely opening of their e-mail alias. All staff members who did not receive their e-mail alias, because the TEchnical Service did not know of their status or because they had no central computer account should also contact the postmaster.