The sortware package Matlab is installed on all workstations administrated by Technical Service. More detailed information on installation and usage of these software packages can be found on the webpage of the software account 'matlab', and on the korresponding webpage of the Rechenzentrum.

The software package Matlab is licensed.

The Department of Computer Science and several workgroups of the department may make use of the Matlab campus license, administrated by the computer center. The validity of all licenses extends to the whole department. If you want to use a workgroup's license, consult them first. Find below the availbale licenses at the Department of Computer Science:

  • 18 licenses for Matlab
  • 13 licenses for Signal Processing Toolbox
  • 15 licenses for Fuzzy_Toolbox
  • 4 licenses for Optimization Toolbox
  • 1 license forGADS Toolbox
  • 3 license for Image Toolbox
  • 1 license for Symbolic Toolbox
  • 1 license for für Distrib Computing Toolbox
  • 1 license for PDE Toolbox