Transitional arrangements

Over the last months the examination regulations Business Information Technology have been revised to successfully pass the accreditation of the degree program.

Students in the third or higher therefore should change the examination regulations applicable and take the respective courses of the third semester: 

Commercial Application Systems
Software engineering
General Management
Civil Law for students of Economics and Business Studies

The lecture Operating Systems therefore does not need to be passed any longer. Should you already have passed General Management in the first semester, then attend the lectures Accounting and Financial Statements as well as Cost and Activity Accounting.

All further semesters should also follow the new study course plan. Modules of the first two semesters will generally be acknowledged (e.g. P1 for (the more extensive module) Business Information Technology I). 
All in all, take care to reach 180 ECTS-points at the end of your studies and to have about the amount of points per subject (Business Information Technology, Computer Science, Economics and Business Studiesm Basics and Surrounding) required in the new study course plan.

For further, individual questions, contact the departmental student advisor,  Prof. Dr. Andreas Speck,  or the managing director of the examination office,  Private lecturer. Dr. Frank Huch, who will gladly assist you.