Computer Science

Bachelor's degree program (held in German only)

with consecutive

Master's degree program (mainly held in German), but it is possible to study an English master program or to pass a semester:

Wahlpflichtmodule (electoral duty module) computer science: 60-65 LP (ETCS)

=> at least 12 LP (ECTS) from the core areas Theoretische Informatik as well as Praktische Informatik

Seminarmodul (seminar module) of computer science: 5 LP (ECTS)

Masterprojekt (master project)  of computer science: 10 LP (ECTS)

Außerfachlicher Wahlbereich (electoral extern-in subject  module): 10-15 LP (ECTS)

Master thesis: 30 LP (ECTS)


As this degree program is mainly held in German, the documents providing more precise information are only avaiable in German.

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