Application sectors

The integrated application subject in the Master's degree program Computer Science is generally the continuation of the application subject chosen during the Bachelor (consecutive application subject). You can choose the following modules from the respective application sectors:

Business Administration:

Master modules of Business Administration worth 12 LP.
Since most Master modules in Business Administration are worth 10 LP, the lacking 2 LP may stem from a module in Computer Science or the
general basics.


Two advanced modules of Mathematics. These can also be Bachelor modules, like Algebra oder Introduction to Numerics, or
Master modules of Mathematics. A decree of the examination office Mathematics has allowed modules held by mathematics tutors of the
Department of Computer Science as well. The modules need to be listed in the Mathematics module catalogue.

This application subject may also be chosen, if the application subject differed in the Bachelor. Especially the modules offered by
tutors of the Department of Computer Science can then be followed having knowledge of the lectures Mathematics for Computer Science A-C. Other modules of Mathematics can though be followed as well.

Media Education:

You can choose 12 LP from modules of the following catalogue:

·         paed-MP6: Media-based learning environment (2 seminars), annually during SS

  • paed-MP5: Visual media and visualisation (2 seminars), WS and SS
  • paed-MP7: Online based knowledge practices and networking (2 seminars), annually during WS
  • paed-MP9: Research seminar Educational Computer Science


Electrical Engineering:

To advanced modules of Electrical Engineering of the Bachelor's or Master's degree program that have not been passed during the Bachelor.


Advanced Law modules

The Faculty of Law is generally not giving achievement points for their lectures. Therefore, the choice of modules should be done with the Academic Advisor. By rule of thumb count 2 LLP per 2 SWS lecture with Law modules For other consecutive application sectors no study course plans exist yet. If you wish you follow a consecutive application subject for which no plan exists, a new plan should be drawn up in cooperation with the Academic Advisor (Mr Srivastav) and the study counsellor of the respective subject.


Should no application subject have been chosen during the Bachelor or should you wish to choose a new application subject during the Master program, the following subjects can be chosen from:

Introduction to Jurisprudence

  • Civil Law I, V 2SWS, 2,5LP, WS and SS
  • Civil Law II, V 2SWS, 2,5LP, WS and SS
  • Data Protection Law,  V 2SWS, 2LP, SS
  • Introduction to IT Law, V 2SWS, 2 LP, SS


The lacking LP may be filled up wih an additional Law module, Computer Science modules or more LP in the sector of general basics.

An alternative to Civil Law I+II may be Constitutional Law I and II (each 2,5 LP), Civil Law for students of Economics and Business Studies (8LP) or Introduction to Public Law for students of Business Administration and Public Law for students of the Magister minor (Public Law" (6 LP).


See consecutive alternative.

Introduction to Electrical Engineering:

  • etit-101: Basics of Electrical Engineering I, V 3SWS, Ü2, 7 LP, WS
  • etit-102: Electrical Engineering II

Further study course plans have not yet been developed, but can be created in cooperation with the Academic Advisor (Mr Srivastav) and the study counsellor of the respective subject.