Core areas and Master programs

Master students can choose from fixed or individually organized master programs in several directions of several core areas.

Software Systems Engineering (SSE)

Software controls technical systems and optimizes processes in companies. Software Systems Engineering (SSE) models and implements big and complex software systems in this field. The entire software lifecycle is then taken into account - starting with the requirement analysis  and the conception of the software, then actually programming it and finally its continual usage and maintenance.

If you put your main focus on Software Systems Engineering, you will gain competences of a software system engineer and immerse yourself in the particular sections.

Parallel, distributed and concurrent systems (PVN)

New hardware architectures like multi-core processors on the one hand and new network models like grid or cloud systems on the other hand need new programming models and software architectures. Concurrent applications (think of internet services or embedded real-time systems) are the foundation for using parallel and distributed systems efficiently.

Master students can gain well-founded knowledge on architectures, execution modells, programming abd running of parallel, distributed and concurrent systems and immerse themselves in the particular sections when choosing PVN as their main focus.

Algorithms (ALG)

Designing and analyzing efficient algorithms is one of the core topics of Computer Science. Algorithms are part of all kinds of technological application in today's world. Google's search engine is a outstanding example of a highly efficient algorithm. Process simulation is one of the factors making algorithms important. Experiments can be unfeasible due to high costs or may be simply impossible to conduct (e.g. medication trials). Whether designing new medication, predicting the future climate or just buildng more efficient computers - algorithms are used in all these disciplines.

Putting their main focus on algorithms, master students will learn how to design and analyze algorithms. The students will be using selected problems from mathematical optimization and its applications. Learning and using mathematical methods will herein play a major role. The implementation of algorithms and the design of optimization software will be of importance as well.