Structure of your studies

You can put together your study course plan in two variations:

As part of a Master program:

Besides the obligatory courses the master student can choose from other modules individually. The "Academic Advisor", your study counsellor for the Master programm will advise you which modules to choose. In the seond year, you can ask the "Research Advisor", who supervises the Master program, for help. Generally, the final thesis will be supervised by the Research Advisor.

An individual Master program:

You can choose which modules to follow yourself. The "Academic Advisor", your study counsellor for the Master program will help you make your first choices. The individual program has to be agreed upon with the tutor ("Research Advisor) who will later supervise the final thesis.

Choosing modules from different categories will ensure that the specifications of the Master program and an ample knowledge of Computer Science are being taught:

Category Minimal amount of achievement points (LP)
Advanced Computer Science Basics 16
Computer Science of Systems 16
Advanced Theoretical basics 16
Master - Immersion section 8
Master seminar 4
Master project 12
General Basics 6
Integrated application subject 12


In the module database you can find out, which modules belong to which category.