IT-Systems for students

  • All students get an account provided by the central IT-department of Kiel University (RZ-Account). It includes i. a. an e-mail address like "". As mentioned in the registration documents this account has to be activated by changing the password.
  • In the Department of Computer Science registration for exams and grade retrieval for students is adminstrated via the students' database (StudiDB). Please follow the registration instructions for students.
  • Our Technical Service will create a computer account for the department's IT-systems if you fill in this web form. The web form is accessible from each computer on the campus network with network access. To ensure the privacy of the data, they are transferred via an encrypted http-connection.

    Second, the students need to personally show a valid student's card and ID to Technical Service; staff members' authentication is checked with the dean's office; guest's authentication is checked with the person responsible of the inviting workgroup. Only then the computer account will be created by Technical Service. Before the signed application form has been returned to Technical Service and the initial password of the computer account has been changed the computer account is not assigned. All other computer accounts will be deleted by Technical Service after an appropriate time period.

    This account will have name ("stu123456") and password like your RZ-Account, but it is a separate account (even with an own e-mail adress, e.g. ""). You will need it for some tutorials or practices or if you want to use the terminals in our computer rooms.
  • We use Univis to announce the schedule of the current and the next semester. On top at the right-hand side you can switch to English language and select the semester. Modules of the Master's degree program in this winter which are taught in English via direct link .