Information concerning preconditions

Following the CS master program regulations admission to our master program is only possible with a bachelor degree in computer science which is comparable to the bachelor degree in computer science awarded by our department. Therefore in some cases the admission to the master degree program is under the precondition that you fulfil courses like "Logic in CS", "Advanced Programming" and/or "Theory of Computation". These preconditions have to be fullfilled after the first year.

These moduls are part of the bachelor degree program and the lectures are taught in German. To prepare for the obligatory exams needed for fullfilling the preconditions we recommend the study of the following books and tutorials:

There will be exercises in English to accompany your preparations. Information regarding time, location and lecturers are given Univis and below this text.

  • Theory of Computation - this lecture will be held in the summer term and further information will be given in March.