Computer Science - Application to Master Program

The department has established English Master Programs in Computer Science. These programs are part of the regular one subject master degree program in Computer Science (Master 1-Fach Informatik).

Your application for the winter semester 2018/19 will be possible
from May to the end of June

Frequently Asked Questions


As the application for the first semester is to be made via uni-assist please visit the website of our International Center

Please note that the application deadline for winter semester 2018/19 is July 15th (only for starting at winter semester). After all documents of the appliction have been submited, uni-assist will check if they match with our requirements. If this is the case they will forward your application to our International Center. The second step will be the check by our departments's examination board after they got the application from the International Center. If this takes place until latest mid of June you will problably get the answer with instruction for the enrollment (again via the International Center) by mid of July. If the documents are forwarded after the application deadline July 15th it might take until mid of September until you will get an answer.

For any further information please contact

Study Program Starting 10/2018

In some cases the admission to the master degree program is under the precondition that you fulfil courses like "Logic in CS", "Advanced Programming" and/or "Theory of Computation". These preconditions have to be fulfiled within the first year and are not part of the master program. Please take advantage of our master program's flexibility if you have to fulfil imposed preconditions and postpone the attandance of some (1 or 2 precondtions) or all (3 preconditions) master modules for one semester.

International Master’s Program, Dept. of Computer Science, Kiel University

2018 - 2020

Semster Modul Title ECTS Categorie
Winter 2018   German 1 6 Open Elective
Inf-SEPDS Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems 8 Practical CS
Inf-CG Computer Graphics 8 Elective CS
Inf-SyncSpr Synchronous Languages 8 Elective CS
Summer 2019   German 2 6 Open Elective
Inf-NVP Concurrend and distributes Programming 6 Practical CS
Inf-EntEinSys Embedded Real-Time Systems 8 Elective CS
MS0101 Cryptography 8 Theoretical CS
Inf-AdvAlg Advanced Topics on Algorithms 6 Elective CS
Winter 2019 Inf-ESSS Engineering Secure Software Systems 6 Theoretical CS
Inf-GraphDraw8 Automatic Graph Drawing 8 Elective CS
Inf-MS EMSER Empirical Methods in Software Engineering Research 5 Seminar
    10 Project
Summer 2020   Master Thesis 30 Thesis

Admission requirements for the english MSc program in Computer Science

Applicants are expected to hold a Bachelor's degree or a comparable University's Degree in Computer Science with a regular period of university education of three years or more and 180 ECTS credit points or more. The degree program of applicants should be comparable to the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science of Kiel University. Thus, it should cover advanced programming techniques as well as basic education in mathematics, logics, and automata theory. In cases these topics where not part of the Bachelor degree program,  the admission to the master degree program will be linked with preconditions to fulfil courses like "Logic in CS", "Advanced Programming" and/or "Theory of Computation". These preconditions can be up to 30 ECTS (one semester) and have to be fulfiled after the first year. These ECTS are not part of the master degree program.

In order to judge the content and comparability of the degree program an official module handbook has to be submitted. In case of unavailability of an official handbook module descriptions approved by the offering institution of higher education are accepted. To avoid unnecessary paper piles it is also allowed to provide a link to an official online handbook. The module handbook needs to be provided either in German or English language.

Knowledge of English is expected to be good which should be evidenced by one of the following conditions:

  • TOEFL-ITP (Paper-based test) score of 550 or equivalent test result e.g. IELTS 6.0 or Cambridge Proficiency, Oxford Higher Certificate, International Certificate Conference ICC Stage 3 (Technical)

  • Bachelor's Degree with English as language of instruction

  • University entrance certificate with English as language of instruction

CAU demands no tuition fee but a so called „Semesterbeitrag“. This is to cover public transport and administrative tasks of the University. The current amount of the Semesterbeitrag can be found here.