Computer Science - Application to Master Program

Admission to our master program is only possible with a bachelor degree in computer science which is comparable to the bachelor degree in computer science awarded by our department. The bachelor's and master's studies in Kiel are research oriented. Therefore bachelor degrees from other universities often lack fundamental concepts in theoretical and practial topics, like advanced programming (beyond object-oriented concepts), mathematical foundations (especially mathematical proofs), theory of computation, and logic in computer science. To adapt this knowledge to the Kiel Bachelor's degree, applicants from outside the "Bologna region" probably have to attend and pass exams in these fields before they can get an admission.

Proof of English Language skills has to be a GRE test result in verbal reasoning of at least 145 points. There are no exeptions to this rule.

All non-German citizens with foreign academic certificates must apply centrally through UNIASSIST

The application and admission process is organised by our International Center which provides a document where the admission process is explained in detail. In this document you will find a list of the required documents for the application as well. Please visit this page for further information.

The application period via uni-assist for winter semester 2021/22 will start after May, 15.


Contact department's admission team:

Please notice that we don't do any pre-checking of documents. - After you completed your application at uni-assist and send your documents to uni-assist, we will receive your application. We cannot start beforehand to check your documents and inform the International Center about the results of our check. If you fulfil the requirements the International Center will inform you about your admission afterwards and then send an official letter in advance via e-mail. In cases where the requirements are not fulfilled the International Center will only post a letter.

In our experience the visa-application process requires a lot of time. Please try to complete your application as soon as possible if you would like to get the answer early. Depending on the number of applications forwarded to us by uni-assist at the same time the check in our department will take 1 or 2 weeks and the International Center will need 1 or 2 further weeks to send the official letters.

Informationen für Studieninteressierte mit Deutschkenntnissen - Wenn alle Abschlüsse im Ausland erworben wurde und keine deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit vorliegt, ist eine Bewerbung über uni-assist erforderlich.