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Application Procedure by Uni-Assist

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We do not have a CGPA for our Computer Science - Master's Program.

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If you are already registerd (as refugee) at CAU International Center please contact the colleagues there for application questions.

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Postpone the enrollment after admission

Applications for a postponement of enrolment from applicants whose degrees were recognised for the winter semester 2020, but who cannot enrol in time for the winter semester 2020 at Kiel University, will not be processed before beginning of November 2020.

Applicants whose degrees were recognised subject to conditions for the winter semester 2019 or earlier will not be admited for the winter semester 2020. If they can hand in proof that they assembled the missing knowledge in the meantime and hand in a GRE test result in verbal reasoning of at least 145 points, we will recheck the application.

Proof of knowledge in English

According to the "Studienqualifikationssatzung" (Study Qualification Charter) it has to be a GRE test result in verbal reasoning of at least 145 points. - The langauge of this document is German. Please search for "Informatik" (German for Computer Sience). You will find the requirements for the Master's degree programm at the top of page 7.