What is Computer Science?

Speed of Information Stream
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Computer Science is the sciene of storage, processing and transmission of informations. At this point, masses of data are saved (e.g. by social networks), being processed (e.g. by a search engine) and have to be transferred (e.g. via internet and telephone networks) in a fast and hopefully secure manner.

Computer Science is concerned with the

  • required basic principles and models
  • ·for the points named above, how to technically implement this principles and models with models and devices
  • ·and their usage by an increasing number of areas.

The technical realization of the processing methods (e.g. compression to mp3-format) and the used devices (laptop, cell phone) of course is of high significance, because everybody is using them. The production of these components is an important economic factor.

In today's computer and internet age, the Computer Science applications have become a part of every-day life. Often, we are not even aware of them any longer: when driving a car (e.g. ABS), doing the wash, phoning, shopping (scanning cash register), listening to music (mp3), watching movies, ... Computer Science is of great importance to economy as well, e.g. in the process of sales (purchase and sales, booking, etc.), in the construction and manufacturing process or in logistics.

Computer Science evolved from Mathematics and  Electrical Engineering.That's why Computer Science one the one hand has abstract and theoretical on the other hand very application-oriented, practical and technical aspects.

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