Kolloquiumsvortrag Prof. Omprakash Gnawali, Computer Science department, University of Houston

24.05.2019 von 14:15 bis 15:45

Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 2 Seminarraum Ü2/K

Titel: Activity Sensing and Localization in Indoor Enviroments

Abstract: Sensing people and mobile objects in indoor environments are key building blocks of many smart building applications. In this talk, I will share some recent results from my research in indoor localization and people sensing in buildings. We have developed new ways to use ultra sonic sensing to count and track people in buildings while ensuring privacy. We have made ultra-wide band radio based indoor localization more accurate, efficient, and scalable. I will also describe what we learned from evaluating these approaches on long and short-term deployments in buildings and on testbeds.

Speaker Bio: Omprakash Gnawali is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Houston. He does research on IoT, with a focus on wireless and sensing technologies. Other areas of interest include cybersecurity, data analytics, mobile systems, and technology for the emerging markets. He received his SB and MEng from MIT, PhD from USC, and was a postdoc at Stanford.


Prof. Dr. Olaf Landsiedel, +49 880-4480

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