Sonderkolloquiumsvortrag: Helen Purchase, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow

17.07.2019 von 14:00 bis 15:30

Ludewig-Meyn.Str. 2, Raum Ü2/K

Titel: Experimental Pitfalls


We all run experiments to prove the value of what we do and to try to persuade others that our visualisations are not just pretty but have a useful function outside the research team. But designing and conducting experiments is full of pitfalls: equipment failure, limited participant pool, confounding factors, incomplete data etc. And results are often uncertain and always limited. In my 20+ years of running experiments, I have made numerous mistakes - I estimate that I have thrown away about as much data as I have published. In this talk, I discuss some of my failures, highlighting the things that went wrong. As part of this, I discuss the value of conducting follow-on experiments, and the danger of relying on p-values.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard von Hanxleden

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