The Department of Computer Science

Cap4-1© Jane Eitzen

In 1971, our department was founded as one of the first departments of Computer Science in the Federal Republic of Germany and has since been the focal point of research and educational activities in Computer Science at the Kiel University. Currently, the department consists of 19 working groups, covering all central aspects of computer science, business information technology and parts of algorithmical and numerical mathematics. Additionally, the workgroups are engaged in numerous externally funded projects.

The department offers Bachelor's degree programs with consecutive Master's degree programs in Computer Science and Business Information Technology. Furthermore, we offer a dual subject Bachelor's degree program  with consecutive Master's degree program and the profiles "Teaching at secondary schools" and "Subject supplement".

Additionally, students of all subjects may follow a 4-semester certificate course. The department also organizes the minor subject coursesfor students of more than ten different (non-Computer Science) subjects of study at the Kiel University.