Compilation UniVIS-timetable

Via the Uniis you can compile your individual timetable. 

How to compile your first semester Univis-timetable

You want to compile your first semester timetable in the Univis? Then go to and select the right semester in the upper right corner, e.g. WS 2012/13. 

Then select "Vorlesungsverzeichnis", "Technische Fakultät", "Bachelorstudiengang Informatik", "1. Semester (Studienbeginn im Sommersemester)".

You will now see a list of the modules to be taken in the first semester. By clicking on "Extras", "Alle Veranstaltungen unter dieser Überschrift" in the menu on the left side, the separate courses are being shown. Check the courses, which you want to attend. Since there are several dates for exercises we recommend, not to check a certain exercise date. Which exercise date will be relevant for you, will be determined after your registration for the module in the StudiDB. 

After having checked all courses of interest, click on "Auswahl zur Sammlung hinzufügen". This will save the courses you just chose. 

Attention! Avoid using the back-button to navigate, because then checked courses are not saved. 

Afterwards, you can add the courses of your application subject, e.g. via  "Vorlesungsverzeichnis", "Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät".

Once you have selected all required courses, click on "Sammlung/Stundenplan". You will now see an overview of all chosen courses. By left-clicking on "Stundenplan" your finished timetable will be displayed. You will be attended about possible overlap of some of your courses. On the left you can select to print your timetable as "PDF Querformat".