Technical Service

Computer Werkzeug
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The Technical Service provides IT support to the department and is mainly responsible for:

  • flawless operation of all centrally maintained hardware and IT infrastructure (printers, external storage, network components, etc.) 
  • the operation of central services of the department (email, storage, virtual machines)
  • the students' database (studiDB)

Contact and Support

Technical Service is responsible for problems and questions which fall into several categories. For these categories e-mail aliases have been created. We kindly ask to send inquiries only to the respective aliases. This will ensure a speedy processing of all requests.

Report all security problems of computers, on suspicion of abuse of resourcees or the unauthorized use of accounts to the above address.

Report all problems on emails to the postmaster except for the manifold mailtools for which an admin is responsible.

Contact the webmaster for all problems concerning the department's webserver.

In case of problems with your Computer Science account, contact this alias. Problems include among others: 

  • Open, delete or renew your account, after having gained preparatory information here
  • change, which groups your account belongs to
  • questions on your account's status

This alias is to be used only for administrative reasons. No technical questions will be answered and no wishes for additional quota will be granted (for this see admin).

Contact this alias in case of problems concerning the students' database (StudiDB).

The admin is responsible for all other problems. Read some suggestions below:

  • my quota is not sufficient
  • the mouse or the keyboard are not working
  • a file has been deleted accidentally
  • are there special computers for jobs with a longer runtime?
  • the printer is out of toner
  • where can I find software xyz?