All users, who have a personal computer account on one of the workstations administered by Technical Service, only have a limited amount of memory (quota). To find out, how big your quota is, use the system command 'quota -v'. The resulting output often is a little puzzling to users at first. 

Look at this example: 

rechner{hugo} quota -v
Disk quotas for hugo (uid 450):
Filesystem     usage  quota  limit    timeleft  files  quota  limit    timeleft
/home/user_1       0      1      1                  0      1      1            
/home/hugo       974  30000  33000                150   3000   3300            


The only line interesting to you is the one that spots your own computer account name. In this case, the user 'hugo' has a temporarily exceedable quota of 30MB (quota) of which he only uses 974KB (usage). The limit that may not be exceeded on this computer account is 33MB (limit).

The quota of 'hugo' (here: 30MB) can be exceeded for a maximum of 7 days up to the limit (here: 33MB). After this point no opened file can be closed any more, even if the maximal limit has not yet been reached. Now you first need to delete enough files to let the used memory of the computer account (usage) be lower than the quota.

Note: Logging in directly via a console of a workstation computer will not work any more, if no file can be opened and closed any more in the user's user directory. The remote login to a workstation computer via s-protocols (ssh, slogin) will still be possible.

Raising quota

Before asking Technical Service for additional memory space, take care, that no memory space is wasted to unnecessary saved data. Several automatically generated files can be deleted without any plroblems. These are files that are generated when using TeX (e.g.  '*.aux', '*.log', '*.dvi', '*.ps', etc.) or backup files of editors (e.g. '*.BAK', '*~', etc.). When all unnecessary files have been deleted and memory is still insufficient, you can apply for a higher quota.

If you have a computer account on one of the workstations administered by Technical Service, then send an email to admin, including the following data:



user's first name and surname 

current quota

new quota


Especially the last point is of high importance, because memory space is not endless. Staff members are thus prioritizing the need for additional memory and this is only possible, when knowing the reasons for the application.