E-Mail Server

The centrally maintained computer are all configured to send e-mails correctly. Other computers need to be set up to ensure correct e-mail distribution. In case of problems, please contact us. 

Use the following SMTP gateway: 


The gateway can be used without authentification from all computers on the Computer Science network. 

If you want to use the gateway on a computer not on this network, a central computer account of the department is necesaary. The SMTP server then needs to be set to port 587 and TLS/STARTTLS. 

Thunderbird settings 

SMTP Server Einstellung Thunderbird

To also be able to read mails, enter 


because the services are running on two different computers. This SSL-connection is secured and runs via port 993, which always asks for authentification via username on one of the centrally administered computers of the Department of Computer Science.