FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I received a "wimail.dat" attachment and cannot open it

Users who use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express and send their mails in "Microsoft Outlook Richt Text Format" (RTF) generate mals with winmail.dat attachments. This format can only be processed by Outlook; even MS Word does not recognize RTF. 

  • solution for senders: Change the standard format for sending messages to "Text Only" or activate "Send Plain Text Only" for certain recipients in your contact list
  • solution for recipients: Let the sender know, that you cannot process RTF or use a tool that changes the format of winmail.dat to a readable one. Such a ool only exists for Windows and Linux.

Why do I have to log out, when I go home in the evening?

Almost all departmental computers can be used by other users via the network. If you stay logged in, you block resources that may be needed elsewhere. Furthermore, software and hardware maintenance is easier, when nobody is logged in. 

Why do my files disappear from /tmp after several days?

The directories /tmp and /var/tmp are writable for all users and are used by all sorts of programs to store temporal files. Unfortunately, some of these programs do not delete all their temporary files when exiting, causing directory overflow. We therefore installed a cron-job on all machines, which automatically tidies up superfluous tmp-files. All files older than 7 days are deleted without requesting confirmation. On computers running Solaris 2.x this garbage collection is especially important, becaue /tmp is a RAM-disk. The fuller the /tmp-directory is, the less memory is available. 

Why is tool 'xyz' not installed?

It is not possible to install every desired program, because it is not time- and cost-efficient. If the tool is interesting to a larger group, you can compile the program and let it be installed by admin. Take note, that this program then is your responsibility and questions regarding it are always forwarded to you. 

Why does locate not work?

For first things, locate is not part of Solaris and is therefore not part of the standard installation. Furthermore, the network would easily get overloaded if all clients would start a complete search of all directories mounted per NFS.