Here you will find everything you need to know on examinations.

Organization of the module exams

In the Bachelor's degree program and Master's degree program two exams are offered, which take place during examination periods. These are scheduled at the end of the lecture period and at the beginning of the following lecture period. You can find more detailed information on the pages of the  "Virtual Central Examination Office".

Examination attempts

Examinations that have been passed may not be repeated. Failed examinations can normally be repeated twice. You have a third resit opportunity (i.e. a fourth examination attempt) or "joker card" for a total of two examinations for your whole period of study at this university. Please keep in mind that a joker card granted doesn't replace the registration for the examination.

The last possible examination attempt of a module should be taken in oral form.

Dates, form of and prerequisites for examinations

 Current dates of examinations (page in German).

The above link will also lead you to information on prerequisites and form of all examinations in the respective courses.   

Registration for examinations and inspection of the exam

Information on registration for examinations can be found here.

Withdrawal from an examination and medical certificates:

The examination office does only accept sick notes on the  form used by the university.

Bachelor and Master thesis

Students should registrate for the Bachelor final thesis at the start of the semester, but latest at the end of the second month of a semester. The registration has to be made with the required form at the examination office. The examination office will then check that the formal requirements according to the examination regulations are fulfiled. Hereupon the examination office will pass the form on to the supervising tutor. He/She will then announce the topic to the student/s. Both student/s and tutor will sign a declaration concerning this act. In case of a final project, the individual topic of the Bachelor's project may be handed out later, up to the end of the lecture period. In case of an individual Bachelor thesis, the topic should be handed out as soon as possible. Regardless of which case is on hand a registration (registration form) at the examination office within the first two month of the semester is required. 

You need to hand in three bound copies (no spiral binding!) of the Bachelor thesis until the end of the semester (i.e. 31st of March in winter semesters and 30th of september in summer semesters). Part of the thesis must be a signed statutory declaration of authorship. The final presentation of the Bachelor thesis, in which the thesis is presented to all interested members of the department, also has to be held before these dates. The supervising workgroup sends out invitations for the presentation via the mailing lists studierende-ifi and mitarbeiter-ifi.

The assessment is being given within utmost four weeks. In cases of long correction periods, students may encounter problems when wishing to enrol for a consecutive Master's degree program. It is therefore possible to issue temporary confirmations of the B.Sc., if the examination office has been notified of successful completion of the Bachelor thesis (minimally required mark: 4,0). First referee is the supervising tutor. The second referee may be a member of staff of the Department of Computer Science.

A Bachelor / Master thesis has to be delivered in triplicate at the examination office.

Benefits for finishing within the designated period of study

The bachelor examination regulations for Computer Science and for Business Information Technology allow eliminating the worst 18 achievement points from the calculation of the final mark, if the degree is finished within the designated period of study (6 semesters). You thus have to finish all exams within the aforementioned 6 semesters. Take notice, that therefore the second examination period of the 6th semester can generally not be used. An early exam during the second examination period of the winter semester can still be accepted, if it is in March.

In hardship situations, e.g. illness during the final period of the Bachelor's thesis or during an exam in the first examination period one may still receive benefits.

Objection period for module exams

The Examination Procedure Regulations  offer an appeal period of one month following the announcement of the results. Send your appeal, containing precise objections, in written form to the examination board. After one month the given grade is final. These regulations shall be put into effect for future module exams as follows:

  • Module examination: oral exam

    The appeal period ends one month after the module exam.

  • Module examination: written exam

    During the written exam the review date shall be announced. Here the students can take a look at their corrected exams and discuss the corrections made. It is possible that the grade can be changed in the review process. You can find your grade at the latest four weeks after the review date in the students' database. The grades then are considered published. In the period of one month after this date, the students may raise a formal appeal against this module exam with the examination board. Hereafter, the grade saved in the students' database is final.

Legal Basis

Legal basis for all examinations are the examination regulations and supplementary  decisions of the examination boards.