Registration for examinations

You can only register during certain registration periods. For the modules of the Institute of Computer Science, registration for the course in the student database at the beginning of the semester is a prerequisite for exam registration.

Computer Science and Business Information Technology degree programs:

  • obligatory modules (obligatory modules in Mathematics as well):students' database (StudiDB)
  • optional modules: With your tutor. For some bigger modules, in which written exams are held, you can still register via the StudiDB. If this is the case, the students will be informed via e-mail.
  • modules of the application sector via the respective examination office/  HISinOne.


Export modules for students of different subjects:


Should an electronical registration via the webpages named above not be possible (or should you have questions), please contact the examination office.

Inspection of the exam

Details are regulated in the regulation for the examination procedures of Kiel University. 

For exams of the modules of the Department of Computer Science, an appointment for inspection is usually offered after completion of the correction. Students who attend this appointment and agree to the grade in writing after viewing their exam may take their exam with them. After the appointment for inspection, these grades and also the grades of those who did not attend the inspection will be published in StudiDB. For those who were not at the inspection or did not agree with the grade there, the period for submitting an appeal against the grade specified in the PVO then begins.

In the case of oral examinations, the grade is announced immediately after the examination and then published in StudiDB.