Master's degree program Business Information Technology

Here you can find information on the Bachelor degree program Business Information Technology.

In the information leaflet potential students will get introductory information.

Admission and enrolment

The study degree program is not admission-limited. Students can enrol without prior application. On the pages of the students' service you an find further information on the enrolment, dates and forms.

B.A. Graduates Business Information Technology of Kiel University

Enrol with your B.A. graduate certificate or your provisional graduate certificate and this application form . Hand in your enrolment application before the re-registration period if possible, otherwise until three days before the lecture period starts together with a copy of your graduate degree. In case of enrolemnt without graduate degree, hand in the Transcript of Records (issued by the examination office) at the students' service, enrolment department.

An enrolment is possible, if 150 ECTS-achievement points have been reached during the prior Bachelor's degree program. The B.A. graduate degree needs to be handed in at the registrar's office before your next re-registration as a Master student.

You can request a proof of earlier records at the .

Graduates of other degree programs and other universities

The chairman of the examination board Business Information Technology will provide your with a written confirmation, if you fulfil the following  prerequisites:

  1. B.A. degree in Business Information Technology and educational requirements, which are equal to the  Bachelor's degree program Computer Science at the Kiel University in contents, extent and scientific requirements, or
  2. Bachelor degree Computer Science with minor Business Administration, or
  3. Bachelor degree Business Administration with an extension in Computer Science. 

Each student's educational requirements will be tested individually.

Please hand in the required papers until 1st-Aug-2013 at the examination office, as to be able to inform you as early as possible if you have been accepted. From the 1st of September up to one week before the start of the lecture period, you can upload your enrolment dates via the online-enrolment portal to the Kiel University.

Start of your studies

The start of your studies is either in the winter or in the summer semester.

Designated period of study

The designated period of study is four semesters.

Structure of your studies

The departmental study advisor will advise you which courses to choose. The individual timetable afterwards is agreed upon with the tutor(research advisor) who will also supervise the final thesis.

The program is divided in four areas:

Business Information Technology

This area comprises four core areas:

  1. Information, Data and Knowledge Management
  2. Development and Management of Information Systems
  3. Corporate and Superorganizational Information Systems
  4. Operations Research.

Basic modules of 3 of those areas need to be passed. More advanced knowledge is gained in two immersion modules from the same or different core areas, an interdisciplinary seminarand a project.

Computer science

You need to attend modules of 16-20 LP, which are relevant for an immersion in Business Information Technology. The module catalogue offers recommendations.

Economics and Business Studies

You need to attend modules of 16-20 LP. These can be chosen from the  immersion areas in Economics and Business Administration. The module catalogue offers recommendations. 


Here, modules of 8-12 LP need to be passed, e.g. the modules   Basic Competences and IT-Security. The module catalogue offers further recommendations. The modules should be chosen together with the departmental study advisor Business Information Technology or the research advisor.

In the Master's degree program Business Information Technology in Kiel you can also choose the profile development of ICT-models and applications.

Description of modules

In the module database you can gather more information on learning targets, contents, examination modalities etc of all Computer Science modules.


Registration procedures  for examinations differ depending on the modules chosen:

Modules Business Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics and Data Protection

Register via the students' database (StudiDB). Current examination dates. There you can also find notes on  registration deadlines and on the publication of the examination results for the named modules.

Modules Economics and Business Studies

The modules Economics and Business Studies und the modules Basics of Economics and Statistics  are offered by the Faculty of of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. Therefore the Studienkolleg Business Administration  is responsible.

Registration for courses of the Bachelor and Master degrees Business Management, Chemistry and Business Administration and Business Information Technology and for degrees Computer Science and Mathematics with minor Business Administration is done via OLAT.

The publication of the examination dates and the registration for examinations can be done via Klausur-Online.  (Login: username = immatriculation number, password = RZ-PIN)

Law modules

The modules Civil Law and IT Law are offered by the Faculty of Law. The registration for examinations is done via QIS (Login: username = immatriculation number, password = RZ-PIN).

Compensation for disadvantages

Regulations on compensation for disadvantages for handicapped students can be found under §12 in the examination procedures.

Module exam certificates / achievement certificates

Students received module exam certificates for successfully passed modules up to SS 2010.

These can be acquired at the examination office Computer Science. Please bring a valid student card or identity card.

From SS 2010 onwards, Bachelor- and Master-students of Computer Science and Business Information Technology and diploma students of Computer Science will not receive module exam certificates / achievement certificates any longer. These achievements can now be checked in the StudiDB.

In singular cases, Diploma-/Magister-students (not Bachelor/Master) of other degree programmes receive course certificates on request with the university teacher responsible. Alternatively, the examination office on request can compile an achievement overview. This overview is generally accepted by other examination offices.


The program is accredited by ZEvA.


If all examinations are passed successfully, the degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) is being awarded.