Admission and enrolment

The study degree program is not admission-limited. Students can enrol without prior application. On the pages of the students' service you an find further information on the enrolment, dates and forms.

B.A. Graduates Computer Science of Kiel University

Enrol with your B.A. graduate certificate or your provisional graduate certificate and this application form . Hand in your enrolment application before the re-registration period if possible, otherwise until three days before the lecture period starts together with a copy of your graduate degree. In case of enrolemnt without graduate degree, hand in the Transcript of Records (issued by the examination office) at the students' service, enrolment department.

An enrolment is possible, if 150 ECTS-achievement points have been reached during the prior Bachelor's degree program. The B.A. graduate degree needs to be handed in at the registrar's office before your next re-registration as a Master student.

You can request a proof of earlier records at the  examination office .

B.A. Graduates of other universities


The chairman of the examination board Computer Science or the managing director of the examination office will issue a written confirmation, if the student fulfills the following  prerequisites :

1.     B.A. degree in Computer Science and educational requirements, which are equal to the  Bachelor's degree program Computer Science at Kiel University in contents, extent and scientific requirements.

2.     (a) If German is not your native language and if no German university entrance qualification or a work-qualifying degree in German are existant, proof of knowledge of German has to be submitted. If all courses of the Master program are held in English, this proof has not to be submitted.
(b) If all courses of the Master program are held in English:If English is not your native language and if no university entrance qualification or a job-qualifying degree in English are existant, proof of English language knowledge has to be submitted. This proof needs to be equal to one of the following: a written TOEFL-test (550 points), a Computer Test (213 points) Cambridge Proficiency, Oxford Higher Certificate, Internation Certificate Conference ICC Stage 3 (Technical) or IELTS 6.0.
The proof over these qualifications has to be signed by the examination office and present at the time of the enrolment.

Please hand in the required papers until 1st-Aug-2013 at the examination office, as to be able to inform you as early as possible if you have been accepted. From the 1st of September up to oneweek before the start of the lecture period, you can upload your enrolment dates via the online-enrolment portal to Kiel University.