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Application Procedure by Uni-Assist

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We do not have a CGPA for our Computer Science - Master's Program.

Already registered at CAU International Center?

If you are already registerd (as refugee) at CAU International Center please contact the colleagues there for application questions.

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Uni-Assist offers all programs for Computer Science.

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Postpone the enrollment after admission

If there are difficulties to get the visum before the last possibility to enroll for the semester the admission for summer semester 2019 can be postponed to winter semester 2019/20. But as there were changes in the pre master-courses you will have to attend and pass exams in the mandatory pre-master-courses "Logical and theoretical foundations of CS" with 10 ECTS and "Advanced Programming" with 10 ECTS within the first semester.There will be no exceptions to this rule and these courses are not part of the master program but mandatory for the final admission to our master program. The mandatory pre-master-courses will prolongate the standard period of study of the master program from 4 to 5 semesters.

Please send the letter of admission and your uni-assist application number to CAU International Center and ask for a new letter of admission. These letters will be send about a month after the semester of your first admission started.