Studying in Kiel

The professors and staff are committed teachers and consider good assistance in small exercise groups very important. From the first semester onwards, all students can participate in our mentor program. All professors of the department will be mentors for groups of students. They will happily counsel and support the students when they have questions about the contents and the organization of their studies.

Kiel University is a comprehensive university. You therefore can choose your application subject of the degree Computer Science or your second subject of the dual subject degree from the  ample range of courses offered  at our university.

Kiel University has  two excellence clusters and one graduate school . The Department of Computer Science has a direct participation with the excellence cluster "Future Ocean" via their workgroup  "Algorithmic Optimal Control - CO2 Uptake of the Ocean" .

The University has made excellence in teaching one of their goals. The programme for permanent education  "Zukunft beginnt im Kopf"  is offered to professors, staff and lecturers to further improve their higher-education didactics. This programme wants to ensure that excellent researchers are excellent teachers too. Proof of an at least equivalent qualification therefore now is mandatory for the scientists employed. But not only professors and staff should strive to improve their didactic qualifications. Student assistants, who support professors and staff with the supervision of exercise groups and internships, may follow a training to become a form tutor. They can even hand in this training as a study achievement.