What can I do after studying Computer Science?

Typical job fields for computer scientists are:

  • IT application consultancy, IT training
  • IT coordination, IT organization, IT managment
  • IT quality management, IT testing
  • IT security
  • IT system administration
  • IT system development
  • IT sales
  • Teaching at universities
  • Software development
  • Scientific research

Source: Employment Agency.

What are the career chances?

To give you an idea, we shall quote the  Deutsche Mittelstands-Nachrichten, 5-Mar-2013:  "In the IT-sector, career chances are great despite the economic crisis. But still there are too little Computer Scientists."

The article further reads:"Computer Scientists have excellent career chances because of the good order situation and the positive outlook for the IT-sector. 'The IT-sector will be growing more than the German economy on average', Dieter Westkamp, Deputy Manager of the VDI deparment Technics and Science, says. The problem of the sector is, that still too few young people study Computer Science.

That the number of first degrees in Computer Science has risen significantly has not led to a flooded IT-labor market. 'No, the opposite is the case: The graduates are literally soaked up by the market', Kayser says. In December 2012 there were almost 20.500 job vacancies for computer scientists - despite the recession of the German economy. There were 3.7 job vacancies for each computer scientist on average.

This shortage of computer scientists is supposed to persist in the future. Only one quarter of the IT-experts asked by the VDI are of the opinion, that the availabilty of IT-specialists is good or very good. There simply are not enough job applicants. Almost 70 percent of the respondents say, that the demand will continue rising until 2015."

Source used with CCPL-licence.