Which skills do I need?

Being able to prorgram or tinkering with computers is not Computer Science. But it does show, that the topic is fun to you. Studying Computer Science does also require learning  mathematical and theoretical topics. Experience shows, that these topics are the greatest obstacle for students when they start studying Computer Science.

Computer scientists are expected to  be able to abstract procedures, i.e.tounderstand software, hardware and systems concepts as well. Therefore you might not gain perfect programming skills in any programming language, but will rather see what the differences between the programming languages are. Having such knowledge of different programming languages you will be able to judge, which language is best suited to solve a particular problem and how to organize a big software project.

Computer Science is a team discipline. Does the lone "hacker" in his darkened room come to your mind, when thinking of computer scientists? Cliche! The only thing your "hacker" and daily work reality have in common is that persistency and resilienceare good prerequisites. You start working in a team right at the beginning and keep doing so till your studies are finished by working in groups of two and on projects.Communication - the actual human communication involving talking and listening - is an important prerequisite to explain the (often) highly complex connections of computer science to others.

Find out if computer science is the right subject for you by doing any of the following self-tests. These tests do not directly refer to our degree program: