Why should I study Computer Science?


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Computer Science is fascinating.


Computer Science makes headlines...

  • Social Networks
  • Data security
  • Data storage
  • Inreasing speed of the internet
  • New technologies for music and image processing and compression
  • Data storage in the "cloud"

Computer Science defines our every-day life.

Its continuously growing influence in almost all areas - at home, in technics, transport, communication, work, free time and private life - has social and politic consequences.

Computer Science revolutionizes the world. 

As machines overthrew the world of physical labour during the Industrial Revolution, the development of computers during the latter half of the last century has overturned the workd of information processing and  mental work.

Since the end of the 20th century the internet is revolutionizing the worldwide communications of humanity. 

Be part of it and know the backgrounds.

If you don't just want to by-stander, but understand the backgrounds, then study Computer Science.
If you want to be part of this rapid technical development, study Computer Science.